Our Mission

www.swajnet.com is founded by music lovers and songwriters. Our mission is to bring people and music together in the spirit of fun, support and collaboration. We are focused on delivering a unique social network experience that gives members a platform to meet with music fans and other musicians. Our network offers members the possibility to collaborate on music projects, showcase their songs or videos, get valuable support or input from the community on their projects. Members are also able to post upcoming music events or concerts. Our daily music trivia challenge allows members to test their music knowledge and win free prizes,concert tickets or tickets to comedy shows. Our sister site - SingleWithAJingle.com, even gives music lovers a creative and fun way to meet their dating match through musical interests. As founders and music lovers, we are also an active part of this community, and are committed to continuous improvements to this platform. Our goal is to make SWAJNET your favorite music site.