• Dear Members,


    I would like you to read this incredible story of weight loss written by one of our own members in his own words.  I find Tony to have an amazing amount of courage and relentless drive to have achieved what he has done today.



    It was about a year ago that I took a aqua Zumba class at the redwood health club. The the teacher there at the time quit and went to the new star center. So I took a couple classes over there that I really liked a lot. Then the Redwood health club closed its doors altogether so then I became a member of the star center. I was taking aqua aerobics at the star center but the teacher that was there was longer doing aqua Zumba. So I kept doing aqua aerobics with the ladies in the pool. During my time there, which I called walk bys, what I mean by this is I was walking by the Zumba classes at the star center. I told the girls at the front desk that I would to try this Zumba class. So I took a Zumba class and it was so much fun that I kept going. At first the ladies would go right and I go left.  I was so determined to get it right but I found out later that there is no right or wrong there’s just a couple of rules to Zumba. Those rules are one you have to smile and two you have to keep moving so even in the beginning I was still doing it right. When I first started I weighed about 355 pounds and now about a year later my weight has dropped down to 245 pounds. I feel great! Oh yeah there’s one other thing you should know. Did I literally have two left feet? The reason why I say that is because I have cerebral palsy and I’ve had two operations on my left foot. So if I can Zumba anybody can! It’s not really working out because I’m having too much fun to call it a workout. The only thing I can say is that you need to get up and try it but give it two or three times. Try different teachers, even try aqua Zumba, or just try a regular Zumba class. It is changing my life and it is so much fun that I forget that I am working out. Just try it!!!!


    Written by Tony Anderson


  • DJ Dr.Of Love
    DJ Dr.Of Love I really have to give you a standing ovation Tony for having the courage and the strength to keep on keeping on! Not very many people can stick with an exercise program but you have shown us what can become if we do!
    April 6, 2013
  • Marissa Colombi
    Marissa Colombi Great job , Tony!
    April 8, 2013