Willie Nelson

  • It is always good to know that when Swajnet sends one of our members off to a concert that they have had a good time and that is just what Aaron and his wife did!  They not only got to see Willie Nelson live at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, CA but Aaron actually was able to meet the legend.  He and Willie did exchange a few words and they shook hands.  How Aaron was able to pull that off no one knows?  Guess you will have to ask Aaron for yourself. 


    In Aarons words to Swajnet he said, "Thanks to Single with a Jingle, we had the best time seeing Mr Willie Nelson in Santa Rosa! It was a pretty intimate venue and I was able to make contact just like I wanted. There actually was an opening act that I had trouble getting the name of. Halfway through the performance, Willie introduced the lead singer as his son. Definitely not at the same skill level as his Pop, but it's always nice to see people supporting their family. The videos that I recorded came back with no sound :( but very few people had their phones out recording anyways. The funniest part was when he stopped in the middle of the song and said, "I forgot the next line." LOL. If you get a chance to see this man, please do. He is a living legend and it seems everyone has the most upmost respect for him. Thank you Dj Dr of Love for the best Date Night, and making one of my dreams come true! ;) 

    Thanks for participating in our music trivia challenge Aaron and sharing your story and your pictures of your win!  Much love from all of us at Swajnet!