Valentines come in all shapes and sizes

  • As Valentine's Day approaches those of us in a romantic relationship hopefully have started to think about the ways we want to express our love this year - will it be the obligatory chocolates and roses, or something off the charts that will make this year a Valentines Day to remember?  Hopefully, you're planning the latter!

    For the rest of us not currently in a relationship, this holiday looms dark and uninvited. As bouquets of flowers intended for others pass us on the sidewalk or balloons bounce by in adjacent supermarket isles, some of us will wonder how their love lives never quite took off, or got derailed along the way.

    There are other ways – than wallowing in self pity with a half gallon of Hagen Daz, for singles to spend a perfectly wonderful Valentines Day.

    Make a list of all the great people in your life and pick you favorite 5 to send a card.   Make sure that you express in your own way what they mean to you and that you’re glad for their presence in your life.  It means so much to others – especially those who are also spending Valentines Day alone, to receive a card in the mail.

    Though, if you’re like me, you’ll plan at the last minute, so pick up the phone. Today. Right now. Call someone who matters to you, who really matters to you, who's made your life just a wee bit brighter, and say "I Love You!"

    If you’re shy of family and friends, find a way to give love by helping others in need or those who are alone, and simply give love.  You can find a way to connect by volunteering your time through local organizations. The more love you want and aspire to have in your life, the more you'll want to practice being loving and showing love. When we give love, it always, always comes back to us tenfold. 

    When we come from a place of giving and loving, everything is brighter and life's little joys just seem to pop up in the most awe-inspiring ways. 

    And, as the Bryan Ferry video above this post shows, love comes in all shapes and sizes.