The Material Girl

  • The first time I ever went to a Madonna concert was the  MDNA tour she put on back in 2012.  The show itself seemed a little awkward to say the least.  The Venue was in San Jose, California at the HP Pavilion.  Our seats were not far from the sideview of the stage and we did get to see Madonna and perhaps one of her assistants ride up on BMX bikes late for the show.  The show itself was quite different.  Madonna seemed unsure of herself and almost like she had never performed on stage before.  I thought to myself this is strange of the Material Girl to act this way.  Maybe she had just recently started touring again but she did seem very awkward on stage.  I was not very impressed with the show and vowed I would never go to one of her concerts again.  Then in October of 2015 on a trip to Las Vegas there was no one else performing at the MGM but Madonna.  I was very reluctant to go but I thought I would give her another chance.  The concert turned out great!  Her stage performance was outstanding and that night Madonna owned the stage! The costumes, music, dancing, singing and stage props were all magnificent.  The concert was long and I can honestly say that the Material Girl worked her ass off to give the audience what they came there for and that was one hell of a show!