Moxy and the Influence

  • Interview with Moxy and the influence

    Every year in the lightly populated seaside town of Fort Bragg, CA a local family puts on a private party at their home with many rock bands from all over. The event has been named, "Cowapigloosa" and it promises to put on one hell of a show! This year among the line up of many bands was a all girl band named," Moxy and the Influence." The band consists of three teenagers and a 21 year old. Don't be fooled by the age or the stature of these girls because they really pack a punch when it comes to hard rock! They all have extensive resumes in music and have performed at many different concerts with famous people that only most musicians can dream of. These girls bring a whole new meaning to hard rock! Check out their interview below with Dj X and also their new music video, "Stomp You Down.