From rags to riches the story of Arnel Pineda

  • When it comes to rags from riches stories I think Arnel Pineda's story deserves to be told.  Here is a man who struggled through many hardships not knowing where his life might lead but doing whatever he could just to stay alive.  Including, actually singing for his supper.  After his mother passed away Arnel as a young boy even sleep on the streets because he had no where else to go.  Always thinking of others before himself, Arnel made sure his family came first. 

    After the band Journey was left without lead singer Steve Perry, whom some of us will never get over, they found Arnel singing on Youtube.  Arnel's voice was so close to sounding like Steve Perry that even the band members of Journey could not believe it!  How could such a powerful voice come from of such a small guy?  

    Arnel's story will leave you thinking that yes, this guy really does deserve to be the lead singer for Journey.  He is not only a very humble person but very lovable too. 

    I had the pleasure of seeing him perform at Konocti Harbor Resort and he did a great job!  He may not look like Steve Perry but his voice will leave you thinking that there is not much of a difference.

    You can find his story, " Don't Stop Believin" : Everyman's Journey on Netflix, or Vudu.