Was America High?

  • Was America high when they voted for Alex and Sierra for the XFactor winners?


    I cannot believe that results of tonight's XFactor.  Was America high when they voted for the couple with very little talent?   Sure they both looked cute but did they really out sing the other XFactor contestants?   In my opinion the answer is no unless you are tone deaf!  In many of her performances Sierra could not even sing in tune.  She sounded like some karaoke singer that was just handed a microphone for the first time.  Then when it came to her and Alex performing together they harmonized about as well as Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny.  Absolutely terrible!  Simon made sure Sierra did not sing any song that might require any vocal range whatsoever!  Matter of fact when they both performed with Jeff Gutt they made sure Jeff performed the parts of the song that did require a vocal range.  

    Jeff should have been named the winner.

    Yes, after seeing tonight's win I can honestly say I will never watch the XFactor again!